THE WOODBRIDGE HOUSE - Welcoming visitors for more than a century...
 Every room at The Woodbridge House is a delight,
and the guest rooms, especially so. Seasonal rates apply.


This spacious main floor guest room features an eclectic harmony of antique and contemporary finishings, original art, and western sunsets through deep casement windows. The 10ft high ceilings and sold brick and plaster construction make this room beautifully restful and quiet. Queen bed and private ensuite facilities, naturally. Seasonal rates.


South and west facing, The Dolson guest room honours distant early ancestors reputedly "run out of town for failure to pay for a hog's head of ale". Period furnishings, original finishes including stencilling, faux finished woodwork and fabulous crazed plaster. And of course, a new ensuite. Seasonal Rates.


With a nod to Fenwick Lansdowne, this room features antique bird cages, bird inspired artwork, original stencilling  and period furnishings. This queen guest room features two south facing windows looking across the fields to Lake Erie waters. Seasonal Rates.


Inspired by a rum-running distant cousin, Pearl features two extra long twin beds, fanciful prism casting chandeliers, and a new ensuite. Seasonal Rates.

The Quad

A perfect accommodation for cycling groups, siblings or friends, or younger travellers. This unique room features 2 sets of single bunk beds and a vintage sportsman theme including a Victrola sink!
Seasonal rates per night based on double occupancy. $25.00 per each additional person.


Please contact us to book your stay at (519) 712-9543 or email us at Click HERE to book online!

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