THE WOODBRIDGE HOUSE - Welcoming visitors for more than a century...
It's the journey, not just the destination...

The Woodbridge House was built in 1881, so indoor plumbing, heating and lighting were scant and very different from what we expect today. Happily, we now have the latest in upgraded services in seven bathrooms and throughout. All guest rooms have new, private baths. And there's electricity everywhere, too!

The exterior architectural restoration (gardens, too) will start after the interior work is complete. Outside trims were primarily wooden. Double entry doors at the front along with the wonderfully detailed verandah and side porches really make the place sing. Etched and glazed glass adorned the doors and transom in strong colours.

Repatriating original or replica items relies on broad participation. Have you seen or do you happen to have the cast iron railings that defined the wonderful second floor balcony? Wouldn't it be grand to have them home!

Thank you to those who have already shared artifacts, pictures and stories. 

All objects will be enjoyed by visitors for many years to come. Thank you for your generosity in the restoration of this community treasure, The Woodbridge House.

Browse the photos to enjoy some of the process.

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